Cindy is a 12 year old slut

Cindy is a 12 year old slut that loves fucking her borther and everyone else, she just loves big cocks in her tight little white pussy. Sometimes she dreams about young shaved pussy and wakes up all wet and fingers herself.

Mike reached up and with his thumbs spread Cindy’s pussy-lips
apart. He pulled her swollen lips open, exposing the hot, wet folds
within. A couple of drops of Cindy’s pussy-juice dripped out and landed
on his chin. He licked them off.
“Your pussy is so pretty, Cindy,” he said. “So soft and pink —
and your pussy-juice is nice and hot, too. I’ll never get enough of your
pretty little pussy, Sis, never.”
“Don’t talk about it, Mike, eat it!” Cindy wailed. “Eat my pussy!
Stick your tongue in my piss-box and eat me out! Hurry! I can’t wait!”
Still holding her pussy-lips open with his thumbs Mike spread his
hands over Cindy’s ass-cheeks and pulled her down to him. He shoved his
tongue as deep into her pussy as it could reach. Cindy’s thick virgin
pussy-juice poured down into his mouth.
Later on she was with the vice-principal, she did like his cock and would gladly kiss it.
Besides, she wanted to tease him a bit cause she is a real slut.

Tight young pussy
Tight young pussy

“I want to see it again, Mr. Cummings. I want to kiss it, too.
Your cock. Show me your cock, please, Mr. Cummings. Hurry. I
can’t wait, I have been looking at pictures of real young sluts again and need to see your cock cause I am horny.”

“Don’t worry, you little cunt. You’ll see it soon enough, and feel
it, too. So last week wasn’t enough, eh? You want more?”

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“I always want more, Mr. Cummings,” said Susie sweetly and
truthfully. The vice-principal started eating her 12 year old cunt and Cindy said
“Oh, God, Mike!” Cindy gasped. “That’s good…that’s wonderful…
do it more…eat me, Mike…eat my hot pussy…eat me good!”

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