I have to have your big black cock inside me. Please fuck me

Maria’s entire world now centered on her pussy and the
pleasure it received from Reggie’s enormous cock.
Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew something
was wrong. But it didn’t matter in her euphoric state.
Maria tightly embraced Reggie with her arms and legs. She always had one of the
best camel toes when she was a teen cum slut !

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best camel toes

“Do you want more of my big black cock in your pussy?”
Reggie asked.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, please don’t stop,” Maria softly

“Tell me you love me and can’t live without my big
black cock,” Reggie said to her.

“Oooooooooooooooh, I love you, Reggie. I have to have
your big black cock inside me. Please fuck me,” Maria
said as her pelvis aggressively met Reggie’s thrusts.

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best camel toes

Darell marveled at the amazing affects of the addictive
mixture he injected into Maria. She now eagerly
participated in her own rape.

Darell pulled a small, high definition video camera
from his case and recorded the two love birds as they
fucked for another two hours. Maria, unaware of
Darell’s actions in her drug induced delirium, kept
cooing over and over again, “Ooooooh, oooooh, aaaaaah,
yes, oh, yea, that’s it, right there, oh no, I’m
cumming! I’m cumming, oh Reggie, I love you!!”

As the drugs in Maria’s system began wearing off,
Reggie’s orgasm approached. Maria noticed an increase
in Reggie’s pace and sensed what was about to occur. She was just a girls in tight yoga pants showing off her camel toe like a good little slut.

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“Noooo,” Maria whined while feebly trying to push
Reggie off her. Reggie pressed even harder and Maria’s
cunt muscles rhythmically contracted around his cock as
it ejaculated vigorous, baby-making cum deep inside
her. Like a car at a fuel station, Maria’s susceptible
cunt filled with Reggie’s unwanted spunk. Reggie
withdrew his monstrous cock from Maria, deposited his
few remaining cum shots on her excited clit and then
rubbed the head of his cock against the pink, tender,
little bud. Darell caught the entire scene on tape, her
pussy a glistening, sticky, mess as Reggie’s semen
seeped from it.

Maria sat naked on the sofa dumbly watching Reggie and
Darell dress. The drugs in her system hadn’t completely
worn off yet. Reggie removed the horrible dvd from her
player and the two black studs prepared to leave.

“Don’t yuz worry none, baby. I’ll be back to visit
again soon,” Reggie said as he and Darell left the
young wife. It was now 2:00am, meaning they had been at
it for nearly six hours. Maria groggily put her
undergarments back on and collapsed in bed to sleep off
the remaining drugs in her bloodstream.